The logo for the game.
Developer(s) AlphaDream

.snickedge (ft. TimeStrike crew)

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action role-playing
Single player
Age Rating(s)
M / PEGI16
Media Included Wii U optical disc
Max. amount of players 1

Removed, known in Japan as Nothing, is a 2016 action role playing game developed by .snickedge in collaboration with AlphaDream. It was released on the Wii U under the publishing of Nintendo. The game is entirely single player, although a second controller can be used to help the main player sort through their items and attacks, therefore forming one way of cooperation. The game was rated "M" by the ESRB and 16 by the PEGI for excessive gore, strong language, and mild sexual themes.

The game's focus is centered on the Zaxina Goddess of Memory, acknowledged as Remembra, who lost her powers and ironically her memory in a battle set up against the deities, and was sent falling down to the Earth. Without her keeping everyone's memories intact, everyone slowly starts losing their thoughts, and the hyperspace will be plunged to the point of downright no remembrance if she doesn't come back to power. Along the way, Remembra learns new skills, gains some of her powers back from the other deities, and fights off the opposing villain force without a name who are trying to take down the statuses of the other deities as well.

This is the final game to be directly developed by .snickedge.

Plot Summary

A war has developed in the skies, and the weak and fragile Goddess of Memory has plummeted to the ground after being cruelly attacked by a demon known as Blazze.  The world's inhabitants start losing their memory as this Goddess, named Remembra, frantically tries to remember how to fix all of this.  Having to battle angry gods, chase a gang of demons, and recruit her friends, this will prove to be one hell of a battle for mankind.


Removed is an action role playing game, meaning that it is a platformer game with role playing elements.  Ingame, Remembra moves through world after world, taking on various enemies and beating them up, gaining experience points and leveling up, and as such learning new moves among the way.  Remembra can switch her attacks and inventory around, and switch moving strategies, and eventually change her physical skills and statistics.

Remembra moves in a three dimensional world and can attack enemies from all around.  At times the game's levels become sidescroller like, but they don't stay like that for long.  Remembra is tasked to pick up several items and learn new attacks to improve her progress in the game overall.

Remembra has a green meter (Light Meter) in the bottom right corner which fills up with red over time.  When fully filled, Remembra can summon some of her friends to aid her in the overworld, unless there's not enough room to support their usage.  In the bottom left corner, there's a red meter which slowly depletes over taking damage and stepping in manmade polution.  If the red meter empties out entirely, Remembra dies.  If she dies, it is game over and you must restart from the beginning of the level.

The player is able to use different button combinations to preform different attacks.  The player can use physical attacks, a weapon, goddess powers, or combinations of these to defeat opponents.  The types of attacks you can use can be switched in the pause menu, although you cannot do this when you're fighting or in a boss arena.  The player can assign attacks for each button for Remembra to use.


These are the default controls, although the player is able to switch all but movement with ease.

Button Effect
The left analog stick is used for moving Remembra around.  In menus, the player uses this to move between options.
The right analog stick is used for controlling the camera around whenever the player finds it necessary to do so.  Remembra can look above and below her using this.
WiiU A Button
The A button is used for jumping.  The player can use A several times to have Remembra do multiple jumps in the air, although she can't jump more than five times.  The A button is used to confirm actions.
WiiU B Button
The B button is used for picking up items, placing them down, or throwing them.  It's also used for Remembra to do slides along the ground, do simple chops and kicks, and eventually do martial arts.  In the air, it can't be used to attack, but it allows Remembra to do a dash forward.  It's also used to go backwards in menus or decline something.
WiiU X Button
The X button is the physical attack button, and is more advanced than the B button for attacking.  The player can preform attack combos, full of punches, kicks, chops, roundhouses, and aerial related attacks.  In the air, when attacking, Remembra keeps floating upward, and attacks with different kick styles and a different set of punches.  She can also grab foes and slam them into the ground.
WiiU YButton
The Y button is the weapon usage button, allowing Remembra to attack with guns, swords, cutlasses, and even machine guns.  The player can utilize combinations with the X button to fire different attacks, or advanced strategies.  It works the same in the air, with Remembra floating midair.
WiiU L Button
The L button is used for Remembra to roll to the left, or to use the left side of certain weapons.
WiiU R Button
The R button is used for Remembra to roll to the right, or to use the right side of certain weapons.
WiiU LZ Button
The ZL button is used to access an attack menu when they are not fighting.  Attacks can be switched here.
WiiU RZ Button
The ZR button is used to access the inventory instantly.  The game pauses in the midst of this.
WiiU Button
The + button is used to summon a friend when the green meter is filled.
WiiU - Button
The - button is used to access controls schemes, and further options.


Name Description Align

Remembra is the Goddess of Memory, but ironically lost her mind in the midst of an unexpected battle between the immortals and a mischievous gang from Hell.  A soft, charming lady is the only thing that this world requires to have any remembrance, and because that her powers are gone for the moment, the world's memory is starting to vanish.  Luckily, she can regain her powers from the deities throughout, who are currently disappointed with her inability to fight in that battle, and restore memory.  It will be difficult, however, and it will require an awful lot of patience.

Remembra is a tall lady with white, silky wings expanding from her back.  She wears a light, silvery dress, torn up from her fall to the world.  Her red hair flows from the front of her head to the middle of her back, and her ears are pointed and much like an elf's.  Her skin is of a chocolate brown, and her eyes burn with the colors of shining gold.  A silver necklace with a yingyang charm hangs from her neck, the charm sitting firmly over her chest.


Boka is the God of Intelligence, and holds knowledge for Remembra to gather.  He points out throughout the entire game for where Remembra to go, and how to get there.  He stores items in a very safe inventory as well.  He is the God of the Galaxy of Zonar.

When summoned by Remembra, Boka is a balanced partner, specializing in a mixture of the four abilities that the other allies possess.


Weseno is the God of War, and helps Remembra learn more about fighting, and how to perfect her skills.  While he's quite short tempered, he proves to be quite helpful, and sets challenges in the various worlds.  He is the God of the Galaxy of Hisplit.

When summoned by Remembra, Weseno is based on brute strength, and uses all his power to attack foes.  He doesn't stay out for very long in contrast to the others.


Arcene is the God of Peace, and teaches grace and speed for Remembra.  He is quite dimwitted, but not enough to just be nothing more than a mortal.  He is very nice, and actually a little flirty.  He is the God of the Galaxy of Florice.

When summoned by Remembra, Arcene uses his speed to dizzy out foes, and uses wind to his advantage, pushing foes away.


Xiane is the Goddess of Love, and teaches a good defense for Remembra.  She is very into care and respect and is quite polite.  She defends the main deity with all his ability.  She is the Goddess of the Galaxy of Stitchonia.

When summoned by Remembra, she'll use love to dazzle enemies and paralyze them, and act as a partial shield for her ally.


Hene is the Goddess of Life, and teaches strategy and cleverness to Remembra.  She is very stern and has no jokes to tell whatsoever.  Her toughness makes her a difficult deity for anyone to take down.  She is the Goddess of the Galaxy of Petrlob.

When summoned by Remebra, she'll use clever strategies to defeat foes, and will usually kill multiple foes in a row.  She will utilize the usage of Remembra's items with her permission.

Deathine The Goddess of Death, Deathine, occasionally helps Remembra on her travels by being a local shopkeeper.  Having contacts with both Heaven and Hell allows her to tap access to virtually anywhere.  She doesn't sell items for low prices, however, but a lot of what she has to offer to Remembra is very valuable and often quite useful.
Blazze Blaaze is the leader of the Hellbound Gang, and has started up that war, although lazily didn't take any real part in it, instead forcing his minions to do the work, despite his incredible power.  Throughout Remembra's quick paced quest, he antagonizes her and attempts to steal any way of getting her powers back, same thing with the other deities.  He is not aware that he has caused memory to start disappearing in the hyperspace, as he is too abosrbed to have control over the deity system to really care. Bad
Fandraxono The leading God of Zaxina isn't exactly bad, but he can create a lot of havoc as he has lost control of his powers.  His loss of personality allows him to just become very random and actually very malevolent.  Remembra must avoid him...or she dies instantly.  This applies to any immortal.
Unidentified ???


Name Description Duration Difficulty Boss
Broken Metropolis

The Broken Metropolis is the first level in the eternity of Removed.  It is a broken down place suffering from terrible government, awful people, and what appears to be an evil military.  The player has nineteen minutes to go through the Broken Metropolis.

The enemies here are generally just humans who don't have minds, and they attack with guns that hardly even harm you.  There aren't many enemies even, but there are humans with tough armor, which may require you to switch to a defense piercing weapon.

The level itself collapses as we speak, and it requires you to keep moving.  Timers found all over the level tell you when there will be a collapse.  If you're in a shaking area, you must move out of it immediately.

You gain five stars if you complete this level within 15:15 and take out at least 60% of the opposing forces.

19:00 1 None
Underground Maze

The Underground Maze is the second level overall.  Whilst the condition it is in isn't as bad as the Broken Metropolis, the people working down here are more hostile and can put you to sleep with laughing gas and that kind of thing.  You have twenty four and a half minutes to find your way out.

Enemies are once again just humans, although a bit stronger.  Alien fusions can be found once in a while, and you may come across the Fandraxorcist, which you need to run away from as it is high leveled and will likely kill you early on.  It offers lot of experience points, however.

The level has many moving platforms that are insecure, so don't stay too long on any platform.  If you fall however, you'll fall into a pipe and be sent back to the start of that section.  You can't waste too much time here, however.  Some pipes contain flamethrowers and careful of where you step!

You gain five stars if you complete this level within 18:30 and don't take any damage.

24:30 Psychic Duo
Sacred Memorial

The Sacred Memorial is the final area present in the Hisplit Galaxy.  It is focused around the burial of someone seemingly very important, and many flowers and toys are dedicated to that person.  It's a strange atmosphere, accompanied by fog and low rumbling noises of thunder.

There are no humans around here except for the occasional grave robbers, which give little experience points, but there are plenty of native aliens, mostly in alpha stages, although a few in beta stages can be found.  Killing off the aliens is important as they give a little more experience than the humans themselves.

The Sacred Memorial requires you to go around it to get to its entrance, and then for you to get to the top of it.  When trying to get to the Memorial, cross bridges quickly as they will fall apart as soon as you step on them, and avoid tree roots in the ground as you will activate mutated trees.  As for the Memorial itself, don't trigger alarms of you will fight slews of aliens.

You gain five stars if you complete this level within 16:45 and if you don't attack any aliens.

22:30 2 Weseno
The Rainy Ravine

The Rainy Ravine is the first area of Florice.  It is raining quite hard, and small puddles of water can be found everywhere.  Vines sway freely in the wind, trees line up against the sides of the canyon, and the sun blazes overhead in the incredible heat.

For enemies, there aren't many.  A roaring river passes down this level for you to travel alongside, and on occasion you will fight against the area's native creatures, including alligators, monkeys, and snakes.  To put it short, there are plenty of wild animals for Remembra to face against.  In the water, there's some sharks that attempt to attack her if she is there for too long.

The ravine is a fast paced level that requires not much effort to pass through.  The player can swing from branch to branch to cross ditches, utilize vines to swing corners, and skid over the water present in the level.

You gain five stars if you complete this level within 12:15.

18:00 1 None
Forsaken Jungle 20:30 2 The Rose Warrior
Snowcap Mountain 26:30 3 Arcene
Orange Sands 19:45 2 None
Industrial Park 23:00 3 Monkey Doll
Stitches n' Threads 22:15 Xiane
Toxic Graveyard 20:00 2 None
Sewage Pathway 15:30 3 KrunchKake Fleet
Garbage Kingdom 23:45 4 Hene
General's Masses 18:45 3 Scotch & Twix
Downtown Naxaz 22:00 4 None
Warzone's Edge 20:00 Fandraxono
Demon's End
Hell's Highway 15:30 4 Blaaze
Satan's Chamber 35:00 5 Satan
Room of Souls None Undefined


There are not many items in the game despite the game's status as a kind of RPG.  However, there are larger editions of certain items, and variations of items to allow for creative combinations.  Curency, in the form of shells, is required to pay for certain objects.  However, you need to get this money from a rich person who is willing to trade his enormous, stale shell collection for actual cash.  Bronze is worth 5 shells, Silver is worth 10 shells, Gold is worth 25 shells, and Platinum is worth 50 shells.

Name Description Effect Obtained
(w/ shop price)
Citrus Drink A fuzzy, weird tasting drink that reminds Remembra of the taste of orange juice.  It's orangish-yellow.  It looks a lot more like urine than an actual drink...but don't let that discourage you. Upon using the Citrus Drink, Remembra restores 25% of her health.  A bigger version of the drink will instead heal 50% of her health.

Can be dropped by foes.

Found at shop for 10cc (small) or 20cc (large).

Crimson Wine This rather tasty beverage is of a nice, red color.  It looks like blood, tastes kinda like it but it's sweet and stuff.  It makes you all full of energy too, and it can make you a bit malevolent.  I hope you don't mind. Drinking Crimson Wine boosts your power output by 125%, and drinking more brings it up to 150%, and so on forth.  Too much wine will start eating away at your health as a consequence, however. Found at shop for 15cc.
Deity Chicken A chicken with the powers of deities.  That doesn't really sound right, but it's really a delicious delicy to the deities above.  It runs upon people seeing it, as it knows its fate... Upon eating the Deity Chicken, Remembra restores a third of her health, and her Light meter fills up a bit.  A Deity Chicken deluxe tastes twice as great.  A flaming Deity Chicken strengths power temporarily.

Can be dropped by foes. Rarely found in overworld.

Found at shop for 55cc.

Emerald Liquor An actually disgusting green drink that reads "Coffee" on the side.  It's not coffee but I bet you can guess what it does. The Emerald Liquor adds 15 to Remembra's speed statistic.  A stronger version adds 40 instead. Found occasionally in overworld.
Goddess Amulet This rusty old amulet looks like it can really do something special.  Just wear it around your neck.  I hate the evil face that's on the amulet... Upon wearing this, Remembra becomes invincible for twenty seconds.  A heavier variety makes the invincibility last up to forty five seconds.

Found very rarely in overworld.

Found in shop for 150cc.

Golden Apple It's supposedly a very tasty apple.  I mean, it's golden, so it shouldn't taste horrible, right?  Well it actually does.  The stem has a green ugly leaf sticking from the top. This isn't actually meant for eating, instead it's to be thrown as an explosive.  Upon hitting foes, it deals a total of 800 damage and covers a large radius.  A larger Golden Apple instead deals 1500 damage.

Can be dropped by foes.

Found in shop for 40cc (small) or 90cc (large).

G.P.L. Known better as the Guinea Pig Legion, this group of seven will intelligently follow you and latch on to foes to slow them down and eat away at their skin.  They're really brave!  And helpful.  No wonder why Remembra liked them so much... Like it says in the description, the Guinea Pig Legion slows down enemies and eats away at them.  None of the guinea pigs have a lot of health, but they're very fast.  No guinea pig dies however...they always escape before they indeed die.  There's a variety of them that shield Remembra rather than attack.

Sometimes found in overworld.

Found at shop for 35cc.

Indigo Wine This is a very weird drink, but at the same time it tastes kind of like blueberries.  It's blue, but it doesn't remind you of water.  It reminds you of oil. When you drink the Indigo Wine, your speed goes up by 130%.  Drinking more brings it up to 160%, and so on forth.  Like with the Crimson Wine, drinking too much will make it eat away at your health. Found at shop for 15cc.
Long Leaf It's just a long leaf that is said to do something completely random.  I may not trust it if I were you. Upon using the Long Leaf, anything can happen to Remembra.  She can get a boost in stats, take damage, die, restore health, become temporarily invincible...there's a rare variety of this leaf that instead grants you only positive fortune. Found in shop for 100cc.
Phoenix Tail It's a beautiful, multi color tail that looks like it's been under great care.  Not really sure what it does, but phoenixes fly right?...can it do something about your flight? When the Phoenix tail is used, Remembra's flight becomes incredibly enhanced.  Not to mention that it adds 10 to her flight statistic, and 20 from its more powerful variety.

Can be dropped by foes.

Not found in shop.

Repel Orb A blue orb that looks really bright.  It hurts the eyes of mortals, but any deity would feel so much pleasure just from looking at this majestic object. Upon the Repel Orb being used, it shines a force field that prevents anything from touching Remembra for a short amount of time.  She cannot fly when holding this orb, as it is quite heavy.

Can be dropped by foes.

Found in shop for 40cc.

Ruby Liquor This tasty red drink reads "Steroids" on the side.  Except it's not really steroids.  It promises to burst strength. The Ruby Liquor adds 15 to Remembra's attack statistic.  A stronger version adds 40 instead. Found occasionally in overworld.
Sapphire Liquor This tasty blue drink reads "Inner Self" on the side.  I bet drinking it makes you full of yourself. The Sapphire Liquor adds 15 to Remembra's defense statistic.  A stronger version adds 40 instead. Found occasionally in overworld.
Smoke Bomb This grey ball releases a bunch of smoke when releases.  No one but its user can look through the if you use it, you can see through it.  Somehow. Upon using the smoke bomb, a giant thick fog will be created, and Remembra can use this to escape dire situations quickly.  A great variety, known as the Toxic Smoke Bomb, poisons foes in the process as well as you if you don't escape quick enough.

Can be dropped by foes.

Found in shop for 55cc.

ExpBottle A small bottle with a label reading "Experience Bottle" on the side.  The liquid inside seems to be of a white color.  Said to be poisonous to greedy people. Upon drinking out of an ExpBottle, Remembra gains experience points, and a whole lot of it.  It depends on what level you're at, but the higher your level, the higher amount of experience points you will get.

Randomly found in the overworld.

Not found in shop.


There are twenty weapons in the game, two being default with the rest needing to be found.  Each weapon has a specific type, and there is one weapon found in every level.

Name Description Type Location Ammo?
Memory Blade

The main weapon of Remembra.  It is really just your average everyday weapon when you're not a goddess anymore, but when she starts recovering some of her previous powers, this weapon becomes more and more powerful, and gains more traits like the ability to shatter defense.

POW DAMAGE ~ 50, increases by 15 every upgrade.

Melee None; Default Weapon No
Angel's Slingshot This isn't really a special weapon by any means, but it fires a decently sized rock at enemies.  It can penetrate defenses when the sling is charged up enough.  The rock always comes back after being slung, as it is stuck to the weapon itself.  It has an actual range though and won't go too far.

Can immobilize foes momentarily.

Ranged None; Default Weapon No
Static Dagger This is a moderately powerful weapon that paralyzes enemies upon touch.  It is used to stab enemies, and can be swung from any desire angle.  It's best used in combination with swings and punches.  The electrical effects can immobilize a foe from moving.

Can slow down enemies.

Melee Broken Metropolis No
Bomb Glove This magical glove has a bomb tied to the back of it...but the bomb always grows back after exploding.  The bomb can be swung from a distance via rope to attack foes, then yank back to the glove and respawn.  The bomb has limited uses however, and bomb parts must be collected from around the levels.

Has a change of doing burn damage.

Melee Underground Maze Yes
Shockwave The shockwave attacks through the ground and deals lots of damage to foes that are standing around.  It has a limited number of uses and the player must carefully recharge at electric stations, but considering the amazing power of the weapon, it's quite worth it.  It has a change of dealing paralysis.

POW DAMAGE ~ 20 per second of usage
One second makes one use.

Ranged Sacred Memorial Yes
Warhead This is a strange weapon for sure.  Remembra places this one on her head, then charges forward at foes.  Each foe that is hit will suffer an intense amount of damage due to both the hardness of the Warhead and the speed that its wearer is travelling at.

POW DAMAGE ~ 110 at max speed.
Becomes dull when used too often.

Melee The Rainy Ravine No
Double Cannon Remembra places on a piece of equipment with two cannons set atop her shoulders.  She can fire both cannons at once, or fire them one at a time.  There is limited ammo however, and to refill, you'll have to do so at Deathine's shop.

Knocks foes back far.

Ranged Forsaken Jungle Yes
Freeze Gun A blast from this gun deals no damage, but freezes almost any enemy.  The larger the enemy, the shorter the duration of its freeze period.  The gun always works in cold places, but the blasts will melt in intense heat. Did I mention that water foes are weak to this weapon? They'll freeze up and die.

POW DAMAGE ~ 0 (80 if water foe is hit)
Freezes foes. Damages water foes.

Ranged Snowcap Mountain No
Sun Lance Melee Orange Sands No
Blade Launcher Ranged Industrial Park Yes
Cornea Laser Ranged Stitches n' Threads Yes
Fire D. Blade Melee Toxic Graveyard No
Grapple Swinger Ranged Sewage Pathway No
Brass Knuckles Melee Garbage Kingdom No
Candlestick Melee General's Masses Yes
Water Rifle Ranged Downtown Naxaz Yes
Duo Mace Melee Warzone's Edge No
Hell Grenade Ranged Hell's Highway Yes
Mirror Ranged Satan's Chamber No
Afterlife Cutlass Melee Room of Souls No


There are thirteen bosses overall in the game, with usualy two bosses per galaxy.  Each boss has their own strategy and way to deal with them.  Most of the bosses are familiar foes from snicks' previous games, or are some of the deities themselves.

Name Description Boss's Strategy +Duration Location
Psychic Duo

The Psychic Duo consist of Pierce and Clair, who are both good with telekinetic powers.  They're generally harmless, but you accidentally provoke a fight with them, and you gotta beat them.  This is your fault, you pathetic fool.  Get them to like you again...or something.

The duo attempts to get close to you, then trap you in place, and beat you up.  It is best to take them on from a distance.  Both are very weak to shock damage, which is good because one of your first weapons is electric.  Pierce has 400 HP, whilst Clair has 280 HP. 6:00 Underground Maze

Weseno, the God of War, looks quite intimidating.  With a body that resembles a boar, and with the mane of a lion, he is quite the challenger.  Funny thing is that he is incredibly dimwitted and will make for an easy fight.  He is the first of the Gods you will fight.  If you defeat him, he'll agree to Remembra being taken back to deity status, and will teach her a few things.

Weseno will always target you with physical attacks, and will hurl rocks from far away.  He has his own gun, which he will use over and over again to hit you if you're too far away.  Stay at a moderate distance, and shoot his face to deal the most damage.  In total, Weseno has 1150 HP. 5:30 Sacred Memorial
The Rose Warrior Oh man, the Rose Warrior.  You came across her territory, and now you have to battle her to pass.  Nothing you wanted to do, but oh well.  On the bright side, she's very pretty.  What's her name again?...Crymsia, ain't it? The Rose Warrior will always use a sword to dash at you, and will strike you several times if she's close enough.  Make her back up with anything, especially fire attacks, and attack her head on whenever possible.  If you want to make this battle really classical, use a sword as well.  The Rose Warrior has 900 HP. 3:30 Forsaken Jungle
Arcene The Goddess of Peace didn't really want to battle you, but Arcene has to do it to teach you a few skills.  You' fine, right?  He's quite fast, though, so be aware of that.  Hey, it's not a bad thing that he flirts and teases a lot, as he'll do that a lot as taunting...maybe that's a good chance to strike him! Arcene will use blinding speed go around his arena, then strike you when you don't appear to be looking.  Reflect his attack with anything, as when he is airbrone, he is very vulnerable.  Occasionally he'll try to shake up his strategy and try to attack you from behind.  Arcene has 1400 HP. 6:00 Snowcap Mountain
Monkey Doll Industrial Park
Xiane Stitches & Threads
KrunchKake Fleet Sewage Pathway
Hene Garbage Kingdom
Scotch & Twix General's Masses
Fandraxono Warzone's Edge
Blaaze Hell's Highway
Satan Satan's Chamber
Undefined Room of Souls

Remembra's Skills

Remembra doesn't just rely on physical attacks and weapons, she also has many skills that she can learn upon leveling up.  She can have twelve skills activated at once.

Name Description Level Type Notes
Light Chop A fairly weak attack that damages foes for 30 damage.  The attack is done straight forward. - Physical None
Windmill Fist Remembra windmills her right fist, then chucks it forward.  If her weapon hand is her right, then the left hand is used to windmill instead.  Without charging, the move does 15 damage.  Fully charged, it deals 60. - Physical None
Air Slash Remembra slashes her wings forward, sending harmful bursts of air towards foes.  Each set of wing blasts deals 8 damage, but this can build up over time. - Special


Can paralyze

Refresh Remembra calls for a light from above, reliving her from any status alignments. - Support None
Skewer This move turns Remembra's air dash move into a spinning skewer.  The move deals 20 damage. 3 Physical None
Alpha Shield A weak shield is set up, blocking 50 damage.  Any attack that deals over 50 damage to Remembra will shatter through the glass and harm her. 6 Support Reflects weak projectiles
Flamethrower Remembra sends forward a ball of fire, scorching foes for 40 damage.  Has a slight chance of burning the opponent. 10 Special

Fire elemental

Can burn

Teleport Alpha Remembra sends herself quite a ways forward.  While she won't teleport very far, it can be used to escape dire situations. 13 Support None
Aqua Rocket A jet of water is tossed toward at a very high velocity, pushing enemies away whilst dealing 55 damage. 15 Special None
Soft Sing Remembra plays a soft tune, lulling weak enemies to sleep, and slightly dazzling larger foes. 18 Support None
Anger Burst A reckless, headfirst charge is preformed by Remembra, dealing a total of 150 damage.  She takes a bit of damage herself however. 22 Physical Recoil
Electoshock Remembra dashes forward and strikes an enemy with a zig zag jolt of electrical energy, electrocuting them for a total damage of 75.  Has a chance of paralyzing foes. 27 Special

Electr elemental

Can paralyze

Cyan Laser A cyan laser is unleashed from Remembra's chest, piercing defenses, dealing a total damage of 80, no matter what enemy comes across her. 30 Special None
Music Blitz Remembra brings herself forward and smashes into the enemy in a tornado like fashion.  She deals 50 damage intentionally, and deals an extra 15 with every timed A button press to deal another spin.  Cannot spin more than eight times. 32 Physical None
Power Burst Remembra breathes out air, then takes a whole gust of it in, strengthening her offense power incredibly.  It cannot be used again until her offense is lowered somehow. 36 Support Temp. Fire El.
Defense Burst Remembra breathes in air, then breathes it out, strengthening her defenses severely.  It cannot be used again until her defense is lowered somehow. 36 Support Temp. A-Shield
Boom Crash Remembra unleashes a radius of hard hitting rocks from her, dealing 120 damage.  However, she is left very vulnerable afterwards. 38 Physical Long recharge rate
Ice Breath Remembra breathes forward a blast of ice, immobilizing enemies temporarily.  It deals 70 damage. 40 Special Ice Elemental
Gamma Shield A moderate shield is set up, blocking 200 damage.  Any attack that deals over 200 damage will shatter through the glass and harm her. 43 Support Reflects weak projectiles
Black Void Remembra lifts part of her dress and places it over an enemy, overshadowing them.  The screen will fade to black, then it will instantly switch to Remembra beating up an enemy in front of the moon with a katana, sending them far away.  Deals 100 damage. 45 Special None


Removed was met with high praise, being deemed as one of the best games made from the hands of .snickedge.  Whilst complaints were raised towards the awkward controls, the general gameplay was heavily praised and for being overall "fun".  The levels were praised for being lengthy and the story for being in depth, although the plot is known to have a few plot holes.



  • Removed, in some ways, shares plot elements with a finished project of snicks', known as Lurking in the Dark.
  • This is the second large success for snicks, the first being Brawl of the Fandraxonians.