Full Name Revensko
Current Age 16
Date of Birth October 24th
Gender Female
Species Haztic
Location Downtown Miramshad
Main Weapon(s) Doomsday
Element(s) Undead
 Revensko was the formal enemy of Ghasja, and is a minor character in General's War.


General's War

Revensko appears in General's War as an antagonist at first when being discovered on Petrlob by Alex, but after this she became quite friendly and openly shows herself to the general 


Revensko is a black Heztic with a dark red coating inside, and a blue aura extending from her. She seems to be formed with a white outline, and her hearts are made out of false hearts, which cause death upon being squeezed.


Revensko has most abilities identical to Ghasja, but can also teleport wherever she wants and can communicate via telepathy. She can also transform into a more powerful form, which is said to have the tributes of a deity, and removes her shy personality.


Revensko is very mysterious, but she is rather shy and friendly towards most people, except towards Ghasja and towards her own parents, whom she killed.

Relationships with other characters


The two don't get along at all, and usually fight one another upon sight.  It is often Charmine or Alex that breaks their fights.


The two get along very well, and enjoy each other's company.  They aren't fond of each other's personalities, but despite that they are in a deep relationship.



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