Salty Cutlass
User(s) Captain Salty
Type Melee
Element None
Creator Captain Salty
Material resources Glass
First appearance Gangplank Crew

Salty Cutlass is the signature weapon of Captain Salty and is made out of nothing but glass. A sack of bombs hangs from the end of the weapon. It is used primarily against Captain Glimmer and her crew of pirates.


The Salty Cutlass is extremely sharp and is generally used for skewering. It can also be swung like a sword to attack others. If the cutlass is swung horizontally, it deals the most damage as the ridges of the weapon are incredibly sharp, almost as sharp as tip itself. The bombs hanging off the weapon's end can be thrown, or sliced open with the cutlass to immediately explode.


The Salty Cutlass is dark red in color, and has a wooden handle. The bomb sack is leathery and black in color. The weapon itself is very see through despite the red color.


Captain Salty created this weapon whilst travelling the seas. At first it looked very mangled and unusable, but Odell silently reformed it into shape. Salty continues to use the weapon to this day.