Current Age 124 (deceased)
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Current Status Dead
Main Weapon(s) Sticky bombs, Mail Truck
Ability/ies Delivering mail, driving
First Appearance Ordinary Mailman
Naxaz Postal Service
Sam is the secondary protagonist of Ordinary Mailman, serving as Frink's partner in delivering mail.  Despite his incredible health for an overweight man, he doesn't make it to the end of Ordinary Mailman and eventually dies.


Ordinary Mailman

Sam appears in Ordinary Mailman as a minor protagonist, although antagonizes Frink later just for cash. He is a very poor delivery man.


Sam appears as a monochrome human, with a neat mailman attire.  He has pretty wacky yet short hair and is quite overweight and moderately obese.


Sam has no special abilities in particular, although he can fight well with bottles whilst he's sitting in his truck and driving.  He can toss with near perfect accuracy, although he can't toss far, and he can read letters in most languages with relative ease.


Sam is quite confident in himself, expressing pride although he usually doesn't do his job right.  He can prove to be quite annoying to his comrades, but he's worth having due to his bulky defense, and the fact that his weight and fat can absorb gunfire.

Relationships with other characters


Sam tends to get along well with Frink, although the latter tends to get angered at his laziness and lack of intelligence.


  • Sam's name originated from the user titled Ziegs, although it has never been really clear why.
  • Sam is the only person in the entire series to live over the age of one hundred and twenty.
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