Gender Male
Species German shepherd
Location None
Current Status Dead (as of General's War)
Main Weapon(s) Sharp Fangs
Ability/ies Various
First Appearance General's Journey events
General Scotch; Admiral Twix
Savior is a German shepherd appearing early on in General's Journey as one of Scotch's partners, although eventually stayed with Admiral Twix when he became too old to fight.


General's Journey

Savior appears as an early protagonist, pairing up with Scotch in some of his older fights, even saving his life a bit on occasion. Even though he eventually proved to be too old to fight, he was extremely important to Scotch. Sometimes, Scotch himself has flashbacks involving the dog, and how much of a hero he proved to be.


Savior had a great deal of speed, being able to outpace all normal humans and various vehicles, typically construction vehicles. His intelligence told him where to go, and quickly, and he could slam his jaws into anything that he finds important to slam his teeth into. His reflex speed wa so incredible that it's impossible to believe that such a dog existed.


Savior's personality wasn't really defined, he was just known for following Scotch and Snickers around the base and lands with them. He was very aggressive towards those he doesn't find to be his friends, however.

Relationships with other characters


Savior and Scotch got along extremely well, almost like best friends before Oshelia came across Scotch's life. Scotch was only one of two people Savior followed the commands of, the other being Admiral Twix.


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