Scarecrow Kid
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth April 5th
Gender Male
Species Humanoid Scarecrow
Location Christmas Town
Align Evil
Current Status Deceased
Element(s) None
Height 6'05"
Weight 95 lbs
First Appearance Frozen Up

"Scarecrow Kid" (for lack of an actual name provided in Frozen Up) was the main antagonist of Frozen Up before his death was caused by Syi. His purpose was to spy on the trio under the orders of The Acebreaker, but went too far and did a lot more harm than intended, even killing a friend of Syi's. However, he was destroyed.


Frozen Up


Physical Appearance

Scarecrow Kid leans tall above his victims, being taller than even Hene. His face resembles that of a pumpkin that you would see on the day of Halloween, with a glow present in only his right eye. Atop him is a witch's hat, purple and pointy. His long, slender body is covered by purple robes, and his hands have white gloves. His feet are covered up by brown boots. Arms and legs are not visible, they're covered up by the long sleeves provided by the clothing behind his robes.


Scarecrow Kid is very swift and nimble, and moves extremely quickly as a result. This allows for easy captures, as proven when he took May into his possession in Frozen Up. He's also very talented at using gadgets and can use a gun without issues, although this experience wasn't seen during the events of Frozen Up.

Like the other scarecrows, he can revive if connected to roots in the ground.


Scarecrow Kid's personality cannot really be defined, he acts so different on different occasions that it's almost as if he chooses how to act and how to do it well. It's known at the very least that he is evil and unsympathetic, and will always act like he is correct or the superior being in comparison to others.



Early on in Frozen Up, Scarecrow Kid met Syi and tried to convince her instantly that he was her son, so that he can spy on her better. Disgusted, Syi shoved him away, and then he chased her into the depths of an alley, to which she was forced to hide. He did practically anything against Syi - putting her in prison, stealing May, and staying with them in a snowstorm to make them uncomfortable, but he was shot dead after Syi was fed up with him.