The qualities of art will always overcome the quantities of selfishness and carelessness, something that you possess more than any other...if you keep being such ways, I shall battle you and overcome your relatively low intelligence.

Skiene by neon.png
Full Name Skiene Nia
Current Age 20
Date of Birth April 6th
Gender Female
Species Demon
Location Unknown
Main Weapon(s) Demon's Writer
Element(s) Magic
Voice Actor(s)
Melissa Hutchison
Skiene is a demon drawn from the depths of Hisplit's Hell, serving as a neutral character in Split Personality, often attempting to answer the questions that Pierce serves. She is an amazing artist, bringing her powers to the full extent and using her abilities to bring her art to life.


Split Personality

Skiene appears rather rarely in the fiction, being found on occasion by each main character, answering a question for each one of them. On one such occasion, she battles Pierce to test his inner will.


Skiene is a full white hue from the head to toe of her slender, wondrous body. Her hair is of a chocolate color with a vanilla flavor lying on top, the hair tied up into a strawberry ribbon that leads up into an attractive ponytail. Her thin breasts lie behind a white bra, hidden further behind a buttoned yellow coat. A pink skirt with red linings follow under that, with long, tender white legs extending from them. She wears lavender sandals to cover her feet. Her arms are entirely white, having glossy and smooth hands. Delicate, silky wings with the appearance of sketches extend from her body, and her eyes are a pure pink, sometimes a deep, ominous crimson. Her blood is like that of black ink.


Skiene is a master of art, able to draw things to life, but with a twist. She can draw just about anything she can set her mind to, but it's all dependent on her attitude. If angry, she can draw violence and weapons. If happy, she can draw food and helpful items.  Skiene can also fly to various locations and can utilize her wings to draw just as well as her very own hands.  She can also animate drawings to life.

Demon form

Skiene can turn into a demon like form at will.  Although this demon form can be in any shape, the prospect remains the same: a black toned, red horned novian with a long, pointy red tail.  This demon form is dangerous as Skiene can mess with the powers of physics and can plunge areas around her into despair, filled with supposedly frightening drawings from six year olds whom have been found as well as haunted by this being.

Her demon form always attempts breaking from her normal form, and must be kept by absorbing water to overwhelm her demonic blood.

Miserable form

Skiene also has a very dangerous hidden miserable form.  Whenever she cries, ink releases from her eyes, and negatively touches anything that it hits, besides paper.  If enough hit her, they tear through her skin and drain into her veins, turning her skin a shiny black. Eventually, the clothes and skin will be absorbed into the ink, and Skiene's face is replaced by demonic yellow eyes and sharp yellow teeth, her wings dripping with the blood. Her fingers turn into that of quills.

Skiene may have goddess like traits, but if she is stranded too long in this form, she dies, due to her veins bursting open and releasing the ink into her muscles and destroying her organs.  In shorter words, she bursts into millions of pieces.


Skiene is incredibly serious and can't take any jokes for real, and is incapable of being entirely social.  She is often known for being chill however, using sarcasm in the least harmful of words, and she just flicks anyone who bothers her.  Most of her time is dedicated to drawing and won't anyone get in her way, except her friends for most of the time.

If anything, Skiene does have a calmer and less serious side, often triggered by the sight of her few friends.  When this happens, Skiene actually laughs at jokes and is much more willing to let people get close to her.  While still often drawing, she tends to be able to do other things as well when happy.

Relationships with Other Characters


Skiene and Pierce get along well, although don't appreciate each other's low sense of humor. They hardly fight, but indeed do so in one part of Split Personality.



  • Skiene was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, but was dropped from it.
    • The art displayed in the gallery was created by Atomic1upchickia from the same place.
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