Step aside, worthless insect. I shall let your sister breathe her last moments of life...

Concept art of Slyne
Current Age 21
Date of Birth July 21st
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Toxic
First Appearance General's Journey
General Snickers; Commander Alien
 Slyne is one of the major antagonists of General's Journey and General's War, as well as the spin off title General's March. She is a leading administrator of Commander Alien's army and attempts to destroy those who step in her path on her conquest to take over Zonar for her master's pleasure.


General's Journey

Xzise is one of the various antagonists, although fulfills a significant role alongside partner General Snickers. Her role is mostly unknown for the moment, however.

General's War


General's March

Slyne appears as a boss, specifically that of the Ancient Elevator level.


See here for more information.

Physical Description



Slyne is composed of slime, and she can utilize this by seeping down into a puddle of sludge and rising up again as her humanoid form. She can stretch her arms far distances, grow extra parts for the advantage of battle, and scare her opponents with ease due to the easy ability to shapeshift. Her attacks are ridiculously strong and can defeat weak opponents with little to no effort at all.


Slyne is quite self absorbed with herself most of the time, thinking mostly about her own benefits and on occasions those of her master. She is always disappointed and deeply upset when things do not go in her general direction, although will be mostly pleased if things take a direction for her good quickly.  When thinking about Snickers, her personality seems to somewhat in reverse but if control is needed, then she overcomes that thought process.

Relationship with Other Characters

General Scotch

Slyne finds him a major pain to deal with and wishes for him to go under death and suffer major pain.

General Snickers

Slyne and Snickers are actually pretty good friends, in fact, Slyne has a crush on him. Like expected, Snickers doesn't really care because of someone else but it is still quite sure that he is on her mind. As a pair, they fight exceptionally well, and have virtually no weaknesses.

Commander Alien

Slyne gets along well with her master, but usually stays out of his sight so she can prevent calling him "ugly" and "out of touch with the modern world".



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