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Split Personality is a fan fiction created by .snickedge based upon the several personalities of said user.  Split Personality is a collection made up of scrapped or abandoned material that was going to be used in Crimson's games for were removed for unknown reasons, as well as being a story that ties in with Journey.

The events of Lurking in the Dark eventually tie up to this story, although when is unknown.  The events of General's Journey also lead up to this fiction.


It is a mysterious world, the hyperspace of Zaxina, the easily destructible place with its unstable galaxies.  I happen to live in the suicidal, most threatening, and the truthfully strangest galaxy of them all...that being Hisplit.  Hisplit is amazing, everything is supernatural, disasters happen everywhere, and it is a naturally great place to pull the worst of mistakes.  Allow me to introduce myself...I am Pierce Hazel, a boy with a shattered mind, and I happen to live in this unforgiving paradise.  Mentality is lost wherever you go here...allow me to give you the grand tour.

It was an interesting day, the day of July 27th, 1996.  That very day...was when my mind was shattered.  As a recent baby, my mother cuddled me in her long, tentacle like arms...I remember glancing up at the green, emerald colored sky, and whimpered softly to myself.  The doctors called out my mother's name, and they took me to a small chair and looked at me with curiosity...then one of them had enough of the silence and lashed at my head.  I fell to the floor, presumed deceased, and they buried me in the ground, when the next day one of them suggested my life still might have a chance.

Digging me back up, they put me in a laboratory, and find that they were able to keep me alive, although my brain was shattered into two pieces...which they called "Lawful" and "Chaotic".  They were very tense, as the chaotic side of my brain was the one that was connected to the rest of my body, whilst Lawful was hanging on very loosely, and it could break from more pressure...they rested me for a long time, and I left the hospital when I was two years old.  With this unstable mind, I kept holding my hands on hurt, it hurt so much, to hold such a malicious beast inside myself...

It wasn't long before I was sent off to school, which can best be described as a fort of boxes with a teacher inside who used body motions to display the various subjects of learning.  Learning for me...was impossible.  I was already aware somehow of how it all mind raged, and so did the beast inside me, and the frustration was enough to break me away from my home location, and I found myself lying at the more dangerous part of Hisplit.  It was at this time when I saw two of was blue in color and was crying loudly and had a halo over its head...the other me was red and had a Satanic appearance, and had an evil grin on its face.  I looked at both of them, then tried touching them, only to fail...

This is how I came to acknowledge the two loose sides of me.  They were known as Lawful and Chaotic, like the separate parts of my mind.  Their separation from my mind is why I hurted so badly, and I have not acknowledged how to put them back into me, and my lust for destruction and confusion only makes everything worse...but, along the way, I managed to somehow make friends, and we were trying to place two and two together whilst both of my personalities were evolving into separate beings...

It's all a pure memory to me now, but I can still explain the full story to you, and along the way you shall find out how everything has changed.  And this story makes me smile to this very day, as it is near impossible for a being to survive such a life...

ENTRY #01: Rage and Hatred

Ever since I found out about my two loose personalities, I went out of control trying to get them back...they kept avoiding my dangerous identity, avoiding the buildings I tore through and the cars I smashed into. I was bleeding heavily, and my breathing was always being cut short, but I felt like I would never be complete without them. At last, I smashed my head into a brick wall, then fell unconscious, only to be woken up in the hospital.

I was not sure how exactly I made it into a hospital, as there was no one around me and the place felt heavily deserted. But, after rubbing my eyes, Lawful was standing over me, smiling down at the weak person I was then, and comforted me by holding my arms in a peaceful manner. I was very frustrated and didn't need its sympathy, but it wanted me to feel right, so I kept staying there...for a three year old, I possessed a lot of power and hate, but I had to release it after talking to this creature of wonders.

Despite its help, my rage was not erased, and I kept being destructive, and as soon as I escaped the hospital, I went insane and raced after either personality again.  But...I lost them, and I attacked myself for letting them get away...I smashed my head, beat my arm, and kicked myself and fell onto the ground...I was smiling, I was enjoying the pain that I thought I truly deserved, but in short I never needed to hurt myself.  Due to my insanity, I was taken to the hospital yet again, but Chaotic was standing over me, and it punished me by slapping my face just enough to bring me to some form of realization.  It left soon after that, and I just stayed in my bed all day...

I continued my misdeeds the following day, and people had enough of me by this point, so one of the officers heavily injured my right leg with a small explosive and left me limping for help.  Out of the crowd of people standing around me at that point, Chaotic pushed forward and laughed at my weak self and enjoyed my suffering.  I was angered...I howled for help I didn't deserve, and it just kept on staying there...I was bleeding, and nothing was going to help I hit myself in the head, hoping this all to be a dream of sorts.

But it wasn't a dream, when I woke up, I was just as angry as ever before, but I was stopped by a young girl, who kept me positioned in the bed to not be able to move.  Her name was Samantha, but she wasn't for long, and that is a story I shall tell later.  She forced me downward, trying to prevent me from escaping, and I bit her arm to retaliate, and I almost left the room when she pushed me down and took me back to my bed.  Finding it no use to escape, I just fell asleep...

~ Fin

ENTRY #02: Hospital

I woke up, and found the girl sitting in a chair, looking at me sternly.  I looked at her straight in the face, and asked why exactly I was there, and what I was to do.  She told me that my insanity proved to be too much of a trouble for the town to handle, and that she was to keep me in the room to prevent my escape.  I was fairly angered and almost went on a rampage, but I didn't, as she stood up to intimidate me enough to keep me in place.  I was...mystified at how she can control someone like me, but I just sat in silence and kept myself firmly on the bed.

I thought about my rampage from earlier, and how it changed my life to putting me in a hospital of sorts.  I put my head to my hand, then listened to the voices inside me.  Chaotic and Lawful...they were talking to my inner mind again, and were telling me to escape, but they both had different ways to do it.  Chaotic suggested killing the girl, which I was capable of doing, but Lawful prevented me from thinking much into that, and instead told me to attempt running.  But...I didn't listen to either of them, and kept still.

Must have been there for quite some time, as the guard was looking more and more bored as the hours dragged.  She finally asked me for my name and why I was acting so off.  I told her my name was Pierce Hazel, and that I had a very weak brain, split from a weak skull and birth defect.  She was shocked, but told me that as long as I was there at the hospital, no harm would come to me.  But this world...Hisplit, was due to die from humanity's causes and effects, and I was determined to do something about that.  When she heard my idea, she turned against it and told me that I need to be here so that I can regain mentality.

I sat, and I waited for my mentality to return.  I could feel that it was there, and that I wasn't insane, but Chaotic speaks all the more differently...he told me that if I did something that was on Lawful's orders, he would do something awful, as he wasn't just my bad factor.  He claimed that he was a God, and that if I ever went for Lawful's side, he would tear me apart mentally, and release the negative impact from my mind to harm the galaxy.  I just swallowed air and decided to heed the warning.  But I was tired of his existence, I wanted to tear him, to take him to the depths of Hell. could I do that?  He was a part of me, and a stubborn one at that.

I sighed, then stood up and looked out the window of at my room at the eerie green lighted streets below.  There was not much going on...just a traffic jam, gangs flying around like the usual, and neon lighted posters of some villain being nailed to the walls of the dark blue buildings.  The colors...I wish any of you could see it while it lasted.  It was a beautiful, yet somewhat blinding, sight.  I could feel the amazing air below, and a sense tingled inside me...I opened the window, stepped back, then found myself running and about to jump to the window when Samantha got up, alarmed, and shoved me back to the bed.  I forgot about her...

This wasn't just bad luck, but the longevity for something to do prevailed over my actual mentality, and took over my inner self.  I sat in anger, then cursed Chaotic under my breath, for I thought he caused me to do that, but Lawful convinced me that I didn't check myself, and I went out of control by myself.  I wanted to slap my head to get both to stop talking, but I didn't want to hurt myself more than I did.  It wasn't that long ago since I was wreaking havoc...I just kept to Samantha's words, then told her to come over and for her to talk a bit about herself.

She started off by telling me that I was silly, and that we were actually school friends a long while back.  I winced...she was right.  I didn't want to admit it then, but we really were friends, and she was just given this job temporarily while the actual nurse was sick.  She hesitated to actually keep me in place, she wanted to let me be free, but she didn't want me to be hurt, so she just kept me in this room.

We both shrugged and stared at each other's eyes.  I didn't feel the slightest attraction, but I felt like there was a friend inside her.  Chaotic suggested that was a good time to kill her, but I did not...instead, I offered to play a game or something.  Samantha shrugged, then pulled out a pack of UNO cards, and told me that we should play that game to pass the time, much like I suggested.  We spent a remarkable amount of time playing the game, with none of us losing interest for a long while.  It was so interesting, the game of UNO, where you must have one card to win the game, and shout out the name.

Samantha and I had a rather good time playing UNO when the door to the room opened.  In stepped a tall being, lying back against the wall, smirking.  He looked at me with cold, beady eyes, and told me that he was my father.  I hesitated for a second, for the last time I saw my father, he didn't look like that, and he almost killed me in a swordsfight that ended up happening due to a duel that was formed when we were both drunk at the same time.  I refused to join my so-called "father", and he gave me a frown, then told me that I should be more aware of what he could do...he shut the door and left my friend and I alone once more.

It was a fairly interesting evening for me.  Samantha told me that she would go get dinner for herself and I, and she disappeared out of the room.  I smiled and sat patiently for her return, being calm and passionate from the recovery formed during the game.  Lawful was being happy and cheerful and congratulated me for being a good person, and Chaotic just sighed and told me that I needed to become a man, but I didn't listen to him.  Instead, I told him to be quiet and to enjoy a bit of peace for himself, and he actually...went silent.

I waited a long while, but then I knew that something was wrong.  She didn't return for a long time, and I was slowly gaining tense and a bit frustrated.  I let my senses overcome my directions and I went through my hospital door and looked around in the hallways, no one in sight.  I quickly went down a set of stairs and tried to look for the kitchen, where she would be getting food.  Although it took a while, I made it into a small room with a fire in the center for cooking, and I didn't see her, but a shadow leaning on the side, two wings spread out from the back.  I was flabbergasted...and confused.  Why, and for what reason, was Fandraxono, the God of Zaxina, inside the kitchen of a mental hospital!?

~ Fin

ENTRY #03: God

Fandraxono was just whimpering for some reason, and seemed to be in naught but absolute pain.  I walked up to him, feeling somewhat tense, but he pushed me away, muttering something under his breath.  I was quite...unsure of what to make out of this moment, but I forced him to tell me where Samantha was, or I would do something awful.  I was incapable of doing anything to be honest, and he knew this as well, but he pointed down the hall, and I strided down there as fast as possible.  At the end lied her on the floor, bleeding excessively from her right side, her clothes torn and her arm severely injured.  I picked her weak, light body and held her close to me, then pressed onward, not speaking a word to her for a while.

I entered an abandoned room, shut the door, and set her down on the hospital bed inside, and softly asked what happened to her.  She couldn't speak, and this worried me, then I noticed that her neck was slowly, yet surely bleeding, the blood seeping down her front.  Her voice box must have been damaged, and then the door burst wide open, with what appears to be an oversized, human like green teddy bear coming right through.  He simply stared at me, then extended an arm to me and swung me over his shoulder, slamming me into the wall, where I almost went unconscious. I watched weakly as this creature took Samantha and dragged her out, perhaps to do something awful with her.  Interestingly, he took me, and muttered lowly and cruelly that he was going to make me watch his "experiments".

I wasn't quite sure how long it took us to get there, and I don't remember where "there" is, but we ended up in a different room in the hospital, with the bodies of the dead spread all around the floor, lots of rotten flesh and loose blood flooding what could have been a beautiful marble floor.  He dropped me down on the floor and made me watch him rip off her arms and legs, and she started severely bleeding.  The incredible amount of gore made me pass out, and I assumed her dead when I woke up.  No one was there, and I expected Samantha to be among the dead in the room.  That would be a scary thought indeed, and that's what I thought for a while.  Nervous, I fled out of the room, when I was caught by the shoulder.  By then, I realized that my pants were dripping with the disgust of gore and blood.  I looked up and saw this teddy bear's face again.

He laughed hard, and questioned me if I liked the experiment.  I shook myself off, and responded with a negative response, and attempted attacking him, but he teleported away from my hands.  Laughing with such a rude manner, he told me that she became one of his minions now, and also told me that it was impossible for me to gain my friend back.  In absolute anger, I charged myself with psychic energy, and ran towards him and struck him away from me, and I told him to restore my friend.  Snickering at my weak attempts to get her back, he just went away, telling me that perhaps we would meet again, and that I could join her in the afterlife.  In disgust, I was able to do nothing...

I went back to the fireplace room and Fandraxono was just slanted against the wall once more.  I told him why he wasn't at his work, being the God of Zaxina.  He just sighed and pulled me next to him, and had me sit down.  He told me a long ruckus of a story, on how he was separated from his stability and mind, and how they spread throughout the land as separate parts, whilst he was still the power.  He was forced here to die, and I had no choice but to ask him if he wanted to accompany me in a search for Samantha in the meantime.  This may sound unbelievable, but he obliged, and followed me to find her.  I'm sure she was dead, but judging by the fact that life is a box of chocolates and that I never know what I'm going to get, perhaps she was alive.

The two of us went through the hospital, severely drenched with blood for different reasons, and we kept going through the various hallways and rooms, going around and around, asking about for my friend's presence. Unfortunately, no one quite knew where Samantha was, and no one knew about her even being in the hospital, save for a few people, and even then they didn't quite remember what she did last nor where she went. They questioned me for going outside my room however and tried to put me back, although Fandraxono just killed them on the spot instead. That was a cruel move but...I digress.

We couldn't find her, and I resorted to pouting on the floor, moaning over her loss and defeat. Fandraxono was disappointed too, although he had no real reason to be, but he felt very sorry for me and decided to help me in the future and find my missing friend. I was flabbergasted by his choice, but I accepted it and he became an ally of mine. And the best thing out of all that madness was that my first partner was a God. A freaking God that could take apart the hyperspace if necessary! Even if he couldn't use most of his abilities, that was really cool. At least I like to think so. And now, we start our search for the lost Samantha.


  • Split Personality used to be much darker and edgier, with multiple curse words and an enormous amount of controversial lines and sequences. Due to this, the story has been revamped.
  • Split Personality has a successor, acknowledged as Lurking in the Dark.
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