Rage of the Gods is the followup to Split Personality, and focuses on Pierce and Syi's combined efforts to fight the oddities of Hisplit.  More TBA in what's presumed to be 2017.


My name is Pierce Hazel.  Previously, we have managed to seek and destroy the Fandraxorcist, a notorious villain who has trapped us all inside a mental nightmare.  Things have gotten much better fortunately, but Fandraxono is still on the loose. Not the unstable God that is with us, but the menace from the back of my head. The voices of my spirits tell me that the world has gone wrong. FDX83 has been disabled from a virus attack, she was a good friend, but she sacrificed herself to bring order to the land...yet the fiend escaped. Luckily, I have someone new with me...her name is Syi.

Yes, that is me. I am Syi, and together with Pierce, we will seek and destroy the sanity of Fandraxono, and bring everything back to the way it was before, and perhaps save Hisplit and hopefully Zonar, which is dragging itself here more and more by the will be a tough battle, but we shall make it through. Let the journey begin.


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