Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Water / Darkness
Height 5'10"
Weight 168 lbs
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Strike is an important of the Nature Warrior subplot, exclusively appearing in it and Judgement Day (although in the latter he is a minor character). Strike is known for his piracy influenced ways and for his hooks for hands.


Gangplank Crew

Nature Warrior

Strike appears an important protagonist, travelling alongside Crymsia as one of her few partners. He serves as a rival of sorts to her as well.


Strike is a flexible light grey pirate who is almost always seen with a large cigar in his nearly toothless mouth. His eyes are an ivory green, with a black eyepatch covering the right, smashed eyeball. His hair is grey and rather short, but long enough to cover the entire back of his head as well as cover most of his neck. He wears a cap on his head, shining the words "Gangplank Crew". His clothes are of navy color and have golden linings, and his sleeves have anchor symbols engraved into them. The shirt is not long enough to cover his stomach, however. His hands are replaced by silver coated hooks, each sharper than the finest blade. Strike's elbows and kneecaps are replaced by ivory coated cannonball launchers, and his feet are closed into thick black boots, each shinier than the sun's reflection. Occasionally Strike's body will be covered by a red barrel, built to defend against attacks and close Strike's body into shelter when necessary.


Strike has the elements of water and darkness, able to execute them with his hooks. Physically, his hooks are usually sharp and can tear through many ropes and light materials, and can fight well in battle. He can use his hooks to climb structures and slide down airborne railings. As a master of dexterity and movement, he can move his hooks almost wherever he wants, and can counter many small attacks.

With his water powers, he can cause waves to sprout up from bodies of water, or even something simple from a glass of water. He can do the water cycle alone with a small pool. Interestingly, he cannot form hurricanes due to his lack of spinning utility, and little understanding on how the wind works in that storm type.

With his dark powers, he can warp foes into darkness or cut into their minds and make them forget many things, or make them suffer mentally with unwanted memories and thoughts.


Strike comes off as greedy and careless, but is quite good towards his friends, and always tries to address them in a polite and dignified manner, although it doesn't come across that way all the time. His confidence as a pirate sometimes may lead his crew into trouble, but if that happens, he tries to shake off the pain and pretend it never happened.

Relationships with other characters


He finds Crymsia a gentle soul and formerly had a crush on her. Times have changed however when Crymsia came to acknowledge another person for her love. Even then, he tries to protect Crymsia from different types of danger.



  • His ship somewhat resembles that of Captain Hook's from Peter Pan.
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