User(s) Mega
Type Melee
Element Electric / Ice
Creator Mega
Material resources None
First appearance General's Journey

Swordistormë is the signature weapon for Mega in General's Journey, and utilizes his power of storms. He has created the weapon himself, although when exactly is unknown.


The Swordistormë is a very unique sword, having two blades. If the left, golden blade is pointed up towards the sky, he gains the powers of electricity and is able to go faster and become lighter, but the sword itself can paralyze those it touches, and electrocute bodies. If the right, silvery blade is pointed up instead, he gains the powers of snow, and whilst being very slow himself, he can direct snowflakes and hail and freeze others with the blade.


  • Kirbymariomega didn't actually form the name of this weapon, the name is actually tentative and awaits an actual name.