The Fandraxorcist
Full Name The Fandraxorcist
Current Age Physically 20; Mentally indefinite
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Referred to as male
Species Unknown
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Height 9'07"
Weight 371 lbs
First Appearance Split Personality
Latest Appearance Judgement Day

The Fandraxorcist is an antagonist of Split Personality, and is well acknowledged for being the more serious half of Fandraxono, dedicating its life to bringing misery and terror to those around in the galaxy of Hisplit. He is hardly seen or acknowledged, only noted by a certain few.

Canon Appearances


It appears to be a tall teddy bear, but it contains human skin and guts behind the green skin. It appears to be very worn and torn, having several patches and a tear mark on its forehead. Its eyes are a menacing red, and are filled with both vengeance and hate. One tear is torn, the body is ripped the more you go down, the feet are red, and a dark space sits as its stomach, sprouting mind controlling tentacles.


The Fandraxorcist was created as an experiment by an unknown scientist regarding a teddy bear, where he decided to attempt to clone a robot of the same bear for his own use. Finding the robot eventually useless, he tossed the parts away, and the parts were placed onto a trash blimp set for Destination K-38, where the sludge would be burnt up. However, a meteor hit the blimp, and it was sent at a high speed towards Hisplit, crashing into a laboratory, where the trash flew everywhere. The scientists decided to make use of whatever trash they could find for a new experiment, and they found the body of the scrapped Bowie robot, and decided to use it to make an android, a type of Frankenstein...

So, the parts of the robot were placed in the laboratory next to bits of several other human beings, and the scientists started putting the parts together manually. They fit several things in the wrong places...the joints were misplaced, the head exists in two different places, and the skin was torn apart several times to adjust the size of their creation. A scientist killed himself on the spot out of his own excitement, as he wanted his parts to be used on the robot, mostly his brain and heart. The other scientists accepted the sacrifice, and placed the mind of the scientist into the robot. They waited a long time...their creation eventually awoke, and walked around the laboratory in absolute confusion. But when it realized who it was, it lashed out its attacks on the scientists, killing them.

It escaped the laboratory, limping due to its dislocated joints, and it caused much of a rampage, tearing through whatever it came across, including policemen. It was eventually caught and torn apart, and it was left there. During the events of Split Personality, Fandraxono came along, and his evil side of his mind took the body for its own, and awoke inside the being, overtaking every part of the body, and inflecting its core in the very center, and became extremely malevolent and went out on a complete rampage, although rather than killing, it scared people out of their wits by suddenly appearing and by leaving extremely subtle messages, and making true frights of the nights. One day it disappeared, and was left to haunt the grounds of a hospital.

Over the course of time, it took over the body of a human, a teddy bear, and a puppet, all being massive threats to Pierce Hazel over the course of Split Personality and its sequel.


It appears to have various abilities, including the ability to leave mental scars in others' heads, and the ability to inflect nightmares and hatred in its victims. While not known for killing, it is known for identifying the weak points of its foes and being able to tear at them or bite them off to inflect major pain. Its claws can dig into skin, and its eyes are invulnerable to pain. Its walking style is very distorted, when it moves, its body appears to disjoint and it moves very awkwardly. It can float through the air just fine, however.


The Fandraxorcist is nothing more than pure hatred and fright, and as such it does not have a true personality. But from what can be made out of it, it appears to have a broken mind despite acting fully stable, not making much sense in its messages. It appears to not be caring whatsoever, not caring for the heaviest of pain, and it enjoys inflecting pain and damage on the minds of others. However, if its original programming is reached into, it will become more friendly and much more benevolent, although its still dangerous to mess around with.  This is said to be from the mind of the scientist that sacrificed himself to build this creation.



  • The Fandraxorcist's name is an obvious pun on "The Exorcist".
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