The Spirit Duo
Art of the Spirit Duo by Neon
Current Age 1000+
Date of Birth Unknown; presumingly before 1000 A.D.
Gender None
Species "Human"
Current Status Alive
Element(s) None
First Appearance Split Personality
Pierce Hazel
 The Spirit Duo are a set of characters that debuted in Split Personality as Pierce's mentally split mind forms.


Split Personality

Their debut is in this fiction, in which Lawful Spirit pressures Pierce to do good things and Chaotic Spirit attempts vice versa.


See here for more information.

Physical Description

The Spirit Duo look quite like humans, Lawful being a blue one and Chaotic being a red one. They are both in very light garments with ancient black and white scripts written on them.


The Spirit Duo are capable of talking telepathically, while usually to Pierce, they can spread their thoughts to nearby others. They can't do much else other than influence Pierce's actions.


The Spirit Duo are locked to certain personalities. Lawful is full of reason and right while Chaotic is full of hate and wrong.

Relationship with Other Characters

Pierce Hazel



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