Umbra Blade
User(s) General Scotch
Type Melee
Element Dark
Creator Unknown
Material resources Maha Desert; Maha Cavern
First appearance General's Journey

Umbra Blade is the signature weapon of General Scotch, and is perhaps one of the most well known weapons to date in Zonar. It is a sharp blade found in the cavern of the Maha Desert, and was originally held in the temple of the region, being wedged inside a dark, yet powerful gem.


The Umbra Blade is only an ordinary blade in the hands of non-Dark elementals, but in the hands of someone like General Scotch who is a dark user, the usage of the weapon is much expanded. In hands like those, the blade inflects fright and despair into the hearts of its victims, and can pierce through powerful metals. Despite this, the weapon cannot hit those that match the dark elemental.


The Umbra Blade is a long, black blade with an incredibly sharp tip.  The handle of the blade is green and brown striped, and there's a hole in the aforementioned handle for Scotch to tie a string around and hang it from his belt.


It is often disputed on who created the Dark Blade. Some say that the God of Zaxina, Fandraxono is the one responsible for its creation, and some say that it was created by a crazed magician, who perished thousands of years ago before being rediscovered by Scotch.

Scotch's Finding

When Scotch went out of control, he went to the Maha Desert and managed to locate the weapon hanging from the ceiling of the cavern. He took it with him and tried attacking his former team before he was brought to his senses via a battle with General Snickers.


  • Umbra means "darkness" in Latin.