Univel by Neon the Spelunker
Current Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Element(s) Magic / Darkness
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Univel is an antagonist of the Nature Warrior subplot, and heavily threatens Crymsia's existence, along with everyone else within the town of Naxaz.


Nature Warrior

Univel is a major antagonist of Nature Warrior, and heavily threatens Crymsia throughout her journeys. He spends most of his time screwing around, teasing and bullying others around him, but on occasion he will set up major threats.


Univel's most notable feature is his snazzy blue hair, kept tidy and above his body. The tanned foe is always seen with his small, beady silver eyes and his mischievous grin, always symbolizing that when he's around, danger is to strike. His body is covered in a cloak of shooting stars, with the inside being naught but a dark void for where all his victims are traced into. Unveil has average arm and leg length, covered with magic coated sleeves and pant legs, respectively. His hands are always covered by gloves, one glove being used for magic, and the other being used for other purposes. His shoes are stained with red and blue and resemble that of a jester's. Univel wears blue, futuristic headphones, both with comfortable white earmuffs. Almost always in the magic glove is a long black stick with a white tip, said to be his magic wand. Always in the other purposes hand are the jesters of the four card classes, each jester animated to be laughing in insanity.


Univel wields both the powers of magic and darkness, able to use them to whatever extent he wants. Most of his attacks and spells are very random, but it is known that he can heal himself thoroughly, attack with powerful blasts from his Scepta, and affiliate others with him by force. He can harm deities with a blast from a fully charged Scepta.


Univel is a universal jerk, not being friends with anyone due to his locked in personality and his absolute rudeness overall. He apparently doesn't have respect for anyone or anything but himself and his looks.

Relationships with Other Characters



  • He was previously known as a character on the Zolaran Archives; Ludro.
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