Valerie by Neon the Spelunker
Current Age 34
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Love and Arrow
Element(s) None
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Valerie, known better as her stage name Valentine, is the main antagonist of Eau Search, antagonizing Oshelia and eventually Needles throughout their adventure.  She is known for her sharp eyesight and excellent strategies, and famous for her hair styles and her occasional flirting with people of all genders.


Eau Search

She takes a protagonist like role at first, helping Oshelia out with family and where to look, but cleverly plans to attack her friends whilst she's on the search, and allow Commander Alien to take over Naxaz and obtain a good award for it.


Valentine is a young adult, wearing black robes and a mask that covers all of her face besides her pink iris eyes, able to breathe through a small gap in the "tape".  Her hair is the color of rubies and is quite long, but is tied up to prevent it from spilling over her vision.  Her neck wields an amethyst necklece, which seems to keep a pure black cape with the imagery of stars and planets behind her, enabling her to glide through the air.  Behind her robes is a hardly seen black and blue bikini, able to allow her prevent gaining heat in hot places.  Her hands are rather small, but her fingers make up for it by being decently long and really thin, able to let her poke her pinky finger poke through very small holes and mess with things such as door locks.  Her legs and feet are covered in what appear to be long black pajamas, made to deflect filth off of her.  Sometimes Valentine is seen wearing a pair of black shades, and at somewhat rarer occasions she'll wield a grappling hook of a red hue.


Valerie is able to use love to attract her friends and foes, then is able to do almost whatever she wants due to her immense speed.  She can persuade others into giving her directions, and reflect dirty particles off of her, keeping her clean.  Her excellent eyesight allows her to look to the very left and very right, and she can hear very well.  Also being a ninja of sorts, she can move in many agile ways.


Valerie at first glance appears to be quite charming and lovely, but a closer look shows her as deadly.  She's very cunning and can trick her opponents and doesn't care what happens to them as long as she has the upper hand.  While kind to her relatives, she won't hesitate to attack them if they get in her way, even Needles, her only daughter.

In the past, she was naught but very flirty and very willing to help others, but ever since Commander Alien gave her a job after capturing her, she obliged to follow his plans for the sake of a prize.

Relationships with Other Characters


Valerie and Needles got along really well, especially up towards the events of Eau Search.  They always shared similar opinions about the importance of cleanliness, but in the middle of the story's events, she took a turn for the worse and started antagonizing her as well as Oshelia.


Valerie likes Oshelia's cleanliness, but like with Needles, she believes the little girl will get in the ways of her plans, and will stop her. She has a harder time attempting to shove Oshelia out of her path, however.



  • Valerie's name was originally Valentine whilst she was a character on the Zolaran Archives.
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