Date of Birth To be filled by Neon
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Element(s) To be filled by Neon
 Vivid is the daughter of Alex and Revensko.


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Physical Description

Vivid has long white hair similar to Syande and Alex's hair; it also has color streaks of red and blue. She wears dark red and black robes similar to Revensko's. She also wear glasses as she's nearsighted; in relation, her left eye is red, while the right eye is blue. When having her hair in a ponytail, she uses a red ribbon. She also has jester shoes like Syande. Vivid even


To be filled by Neon.


Vivid is an intelligent girl with a lazy attitude. She literally does nothing but listen to music like a regular teenager would. Like her mother, she's also shy and friendly.

Relationship with Other Characters



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