Art of Werine by Neon
Current Age 19
Date of Birth November; 1996
Gender Female
Species "Novian"
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Darkness / Wind
First Appearance General's Journey
 Werine is a wolf/human hybrid set to appear in Split Personality as one of the main characters, as a silent being. She, much like Pierce Hazel has the element of darkness, but also possesses the power of flight.

Although she is part of Split Personality, she is much more of a crossover character and that defines her as that more than a Split Personality character.


General's Journey

Werine has a very minor role in General's Journey, although this exact role has yet to be known.

Split Personality



See here for more information.

Physical Description

Werine is quite tall, standing at 6 feet and 4 inches, and has a slightly darkened skin tone. Scars are visible and are in quite many places, and her clothing is nothing but rags for the most part. Her hair is dark grey, makes up the ears, and flows down to her front. Alongside aggressive red eyes, she has black wings that have the touch of leather.


Werine is very quiet, so it's hard to make much out of what she says. She is capable of speaking, but she prefers to go by mute means. When being attacked, she becomes extremely aggressive and never stops attacking until either she's dead or her opponent is. If her friends are in danger, she doesn't help them unless they're actually too injured to fight. It's said that she doesn't help them if they're capable of fighting because she wants them to try and obtain their own self defense.


Werine's most obvious abilities are scratching and flying judging by appearance, but her claws are much more than looks. The scratching isn't incredible in power level, but it's certainly strong, able to create nasty gnashes in human skin. Her glares are capable of intimidation and paralyzing the opponent temporarily, allowing for a chance to run away. Lastly, her bite isn't very strong, but once she latches on, she won't let go unless a force drags her off.

Relationship with Other Characters

Pierce Hazel

They seem to get along pretty well, although Werine tends to express her attitude by slapping him in a specific area.  If she hits his hand, then she's happy.  If she hits his groin...well, she's angered.


Werine tends to attempt to make Clair afraid in the most joking way possible, but only succeeds this as an actual werewolf.



  • Werine was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, but was moved by the creator for simply being "out of place" with the universe.
    • The original art was made by Atomic1upchickia from the same wiki.
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