None of you will be able to grasp the true shape of a commander's offense. Keep to the sidelines and I won't kill you...but if you want to fight me, do so with dignity...

Xzise Stquse
Concept art of Xzise
Current Age Aprox. 150
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Toxic
First Appearance General's Journey
General Snickers
 Xzise Stquse, known much more commonly as "Commander Alien", is the primary antagonist of General's Journey and the most threatening in Zonar. Xzise originated from the galaxy of Hisplit before founding it purely boring to live in and decided to expand his empire to the slightly more interesting galaxy of Zonar.  His assistants include General Snickers and Slyne.


General's Journey

Xzise is the main antagonist of this fiction, and alongside General Snickers are the most threatening beings. He leads a race of foreign aliens. Not much about him is known yet.


See here for more information.

Physical Description

Xzise has a devilish dark yellow mask with visible black hair, and white horns stick out from his sides. Red bloodlines make up his neck, and his clothing is in a variety of colors, most prominent being red and green, and a mace and drill make up his two hands, while his dark blue tentacles act as his true carrying devices, able to lift almost anything with relative ease. His tail is also dark blue (with a red end), and his skeletal like wings are white and black and are hardly visible, and grant him momentary flight.


Xzise has a multitude of abilities, some of his most prominent being his toxic touch and his excellent leadership skills. He can fire blasts of steel-melting toxins out from his face, and can transform large areas of the floor into death traps. His tentacles are not toxic, but are rough and can drown the foe of air when squeezed around the body. His real face is bloody, intimidating, and can paralyze weak people at mere sight.


Xzise is surprisingly polite to everyone he talks to, besides General Scotch, whom he hates enough to be rude towards. Whenever coming across someone who dares challenge him, he says nothing and simply battles them, although will occasionally compliment (or insult, in Scotch's case) their skills. But behind all that lies a fearsome, cruel side that can overcome anyone's personality, similar to how Snickers' body was taken over by magic.

Relationship with Other Characters

General Scotch

Xzise is very cruel towards Scotch, and wishes to murder him at any chance possible, given that Scotch is the same person who toppled his army for the very first time.  Any form of communication is done in the most intimidating way possible.

General Snickers

Xzise somewhat likes Snickers as a comrade, and does not see him as an enemy despite his intentions.  He trusts Snickers with all his power, which proves to be a mistake in later events in General's Journey.

Admiral Twix

Xzise and Twix don't get along well at all, in fact they're almost always seen arguing or fighting each other with their own weapons and armies.  The reasons why they fight are really just personal.


The two form an amazing team together, and fight very well.  They agree a lot on various situations.



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