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Zaxina is a hyperspace with several galaxies contained inside, the most notable being Zonar, where General's Journey takes place, and Hisplit, where Split Personality takes place.  Zaxina is home to many important figures and landmarks, including General Scotch and Fandraxono.

Zaxina's cousins include Zolara and the Fantendoverse.


Zaxina is the main universe represented in the entire General's Journey timeline, being present in every storyline.  It's present in General's Journey, Split Personality, and literally every other story, and the only time a place is seen outside Zaxina is when Pierce chases Fandraxono outside the eternity of Hisplit.


  • Zaxina originally was meant to be a galaxy to counter the hyperspace of Zolara from the Adventures of White.  Of course, Zaxina became something much different over time.