Zie by Neon the Spelunker
Current Age 8
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) None
Element(s) Psychic
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Zie is a small psychic child introduced in Nature Warrior, studying how to get a job early under the supervision of Frink. He suffers many problems, yet is a major protagonist and wishes to help out Crymsia whenever possible.


Nature Warrior

Zie appears in Nature Warrior as a major character, and helps Crymsia throughout her travels from time to time. Zie attends a school, specifically the third grade, and is never quite happy with how life turns out for him.


Zie is a ten year old child that suffers many problems. Zie has a cardinal left eye, whilst his right eye was torn out in a fight and as such covered up by a white patch. His golden hair spreads out behind him, as if to form a veil, and his head has two lavender horns sticking out from the sides, alongside a tall dark grey cap with a curved tip. He wears line after line of white silk for clothing, forming it through his pointed, yellow tainted teeth. His body appears generally boney due a lack of nutrition, making his body suffer an immense number of problems. His arms and legs have bits of lost flesh covered up by patches and bandaids. His hands and feet are metallic and contain pink gems on the palms and soles, able to generate psychic energy.


Zie has very little use as a partner, as his only real abilities are the ability to shoot lasers from his camera eye and to use limited psychic power that makes him pass out anyway. This low use makes many call him useless and unwanted, although as a friend he has much potential.


Zie gets along with others well when they want to friend him, but those who don't friend Zie often pick on his size, his appearance, and his overall lack of utility. He often is depressed and sits by himself, maddened with the course of life and what it has given for him to live through and deal with.

Relationships with Other Characters


Crymsia and Zie get along pretty well. While Crymsia isn't too fond of Zie's depression, she finds him a good friend and tries reassuring him that everything will be all right for him, although he usually doesn't agree with this fact.



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