Zonar is one of two important galaxies in the General's Journey timeline, the other being Hisplit.  It is one of the few galaxies of Zaxina, and is the main location for the events of all stories besides the ones directly linking to Split Personality.  Zonar is best described as a warzone, with war happening all the time.


General's Journey

Zonar has a large role in General's Journey, housing many locations including those of Peaceful City, Naxaz, the Maha Desert, the infamous Mutated Jungle, and even places like the General's Base.  Zonar overlaps into the other stories as well from here, including Ordinary Mailman and Nature Warrior through Naxaz and Eau Search through that same city and places like Oshelia's very own shoreline.

Gangplank Crew

Zonar houses the locations of Gangplank Crew, and has Maddison, Odell, a few guinea pigs, and Skorp as some of the people who can be found there.

Split Personality

Zonar matters the least in Split Personality, but its affects can take the toll in Hisplit, where the story takes place.


  • It is unknown where the name of Zonar came from.  It is possible that the creator named it after the concept of war zones, but he's not really sure.